Are you game to tempt fate?

Your Guide to a Good Time in Joplin

Whether you want to push yourself to go on more dates, or take family adventures, with FateCrate, you will be challenging yourself to try new things and to get out and shop, play, and explore local.

How does FateCrate work?

Set your interests.

When you sign up, you'll have the ability to indicate what kinds of activities and things you would (and wouldn't) enjoy. FateCrate uses that information to customize your adventure.

Buy one-time or subscribe.

After saving your info, you'll choose your crate type and frequency (one-time, monthly, quarterly, etc.). You can even gift crates to people you really like!

Adventure on autopilot.

Never worry about planning your date night or family fun night. Let your subscription FateCrate decide your fate!

The FateCrate Story

Hello! My name is Jake Jones, the CEO and Co-Founder of a new startup Launched out of The Loft Collective here in Joplin called FateCrate. Here at FateCrate, we strive to bring our community and others like it together by creating a genuine local experience to bring excitement to your weekend!

Whether you’re a big family or a new couple. Being the 3rd oldest of 7 kids and having 3 teenage girls of my own, I understand the desire and need to have at least an evening to share with my family. And after a busy week, we just aren't really up to think about what to do.

Well! Here at Fatecrate we look forward to helping ease that decision fatigue, by allowing us to choose your weekend’s “fate”.

As a lifelong resident of JOMO,  I look forward to partnering with our locally owned eateries and entertainment venues and help highlight what all Joplin and communities like it have to offer.

Jakes Jones - FateCrate